Employment Opportunities


Primary Supervisor: Office Manager

The expectation for the Bookkeeper is to prepare and maintain the accounts payable, payroll and monthly financial reports as well as all year end reports and budgets for the annual meeting. The bookkeeper is to work with the elected Treasurer of the church.

Position Criteria: This person is to be a well-organized, self-motivated team player who works well with people of all ages. Personal qualities that go along with this position are general accounting practices, patience, dependability, flexibility, confidentiality, and an enthusiastic and caring attitude. The Bookkeeper position is an hourly paid position; approximately 5 hours/week.

Position Responsibilities

Accounts Payable

⦁ Write checks for invoices and annual/monthly payments

⦁ Record/pay any automatic online payments

⦁ Print/send annual 1099’s to applicable vendors


⦁ Process bi-monthly payroll

⦁ Make monthly payments for employee benefits (retirement, health)

⦁ Update employee status, information, benefits & direct deposit changes as necessary

⦁ Keep record of employee leave balances

⦁ Pay monthly IRS tax withholding payments

⦁ Pay quarterly ND tax withholding payments

⦁ File quarterly ND tax returns

⦁ File quarterly 941 return

⦁ Process employee W-2’s

⦁ File Federal and State annual reports


⦁ Reconcile monthly/quarterly bank statements for all accounts/funds

⦁ Prepare monthly financial reports

⦁ Prepare financial reports for Annual report

⦁ Attend annual budget meetings

⦁ Update accounts/signers at bank as necessary

Submit cover letter and resume to Zion

Zion Lutheran Church

1800 Hiawatha St

Minot, ND 58701