LIFE Groups

Zion LIFE Groups foster meaningful relationships between people on their journey of faith. Your Zion LIFE Group will be made up of 8-12 people and you will meet in people’s homes (with a designated host). During this time, your group will participate in “Sermon Chats” which are guided conversations based around the previous week’s sermon and scripture readings (led by a designated LIFE Group Leader).

You will be able to sign-up at the church (or call the office) for your LIFE group (starting August 24th). If you have questions about LIFE Groups or you would like to host or lead a group, contact the Chris at 852-1872.

Spring 2020: beyond wellness

The Wholeness Wheel is increasingly used by ELCA individuals and organizations as an important learning and discernment tool. It illustrates that wellness is multi-dimensional — made up of spiritual, vocational, intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and financial dimensions of well-being. Spiritual well-being is intertwined with and influences our well-being in all other dimensions.

Week #1 - January 11-12 & 15

While we are not all born perfectly healthy or able to live life without injury or illness, we can live well by tending and nurturing our body as a gift from God. Feed it healthy foods, keep it hydrated, build physical endurance through regular exercise, and respect your body’s need for rest.

week #2 - January 18-19 & 22

Being emotionally well means feeling the full range of human emotions and expressing them appropriately. Self-awareness is the first step. Recognizing and honoring your own feelings and those of others — stress, contentment, anger, love, sadness, joy, resentment — will help you live life abundantly.

week #3 - january 25-26 & 29

Being financially well involves making decisions based on our values, as reflected in the way we save, spend, and share. Tending to one’s financial well-being in this way requires us to be resilient, generous, and focused on sustainability.

week #4 - february 1-2 & 5

Living a centered life focused on God affects each aspect of our well-being. Turn to God for strength as you seek to live well in Christ. Nurture your relationship with God through prayer, devotions, worship, nature, art, and music. Explore who you are and know whose you are.

week #5 - february 8-9 & 12

We are created by God to be social beings, living in community and instructed to help and love each other. We maintain social well-being through interaction, play and forgiveness. Take time to nurture your relationships with family, friends, congregation and co-workers.

week #6 - february 22-23

We all have a calling — a vocation — to follow Christ’s example by living a life of meaning, purpose and service to our neighbor. Our vocations make up our life’s work and passions — they are the everyday roles through which God calls us to help make this world a better place. Those who are well vocationally are faithful stewards of their talents and abilities, and find opportunities to build and use them.