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Youth Ministries

At Zion, we call our youth activities "LYO". This encompasses programming for middle and high school youth. It stands for Lutheran Youth Organization, as a part of the greater LYO of the ELCA in the U.S.

LYO is a safe place to be yourself, a time to spend with friends, and a way 
to explore faith. In LYO, there are no right or wrong answers and no silly questions. We hang out, play games, have bible studies, do service projects, eat yummy food, and go on adventures.

We tackle matters of fa
ith and life in practical ways that relate to today’s young people. Be prepared to laugh, learn about yourself, grow together in Christ...and have FUN, of course!

Middle School (6th-8th grade) 
While in Confirmation, middle school youth rotate in and out of Wednesday night (6:30-7:45) youth group (LYO) at certain times of the year.  At LYO, they play games, do devotions, have team challenges, and get to know one another better, while applying faith concepts to everyday life.  They are also invited to fellowship events monthly (see “Activities”).

High School (9th-12th grade) 
Teens meet at 7:45pm on Wednesday nights (until 9 or 9:30) and are invited to fellowship events at least once a month (see “Activities”).
Youth Activities
Join us throughout the year for:
        *Service and Outreach Projects (locally, nationally, and globally)
        *Youth-Led Worship Services
        *Parties and Overnight Lock-Ins
        *Retreats with other churches and at Camp Metigoshe
        *Trips (travel in U.S., serve communities)
        *Annual Western ND LYO Synod Gathering
        *Outings (examples: restaurants, bowling, parks, skiing/snowboarding/tubing, game
                nights, movies, etc.)
        *Bible Studies and Devotions
        *Active Indoor and Outdoor Games
        *Fundraisers (such as Dinners/Banquets)
        *Concerts and Musical Performances
        *High Ropes Course at Camp Metigoshe
        *And more...What ideas do you have?!

Leadership Opportunities
There are other ways for youth to be involved in ministry at Zion.  Some options are:
        *Be a workshop leader or helper for Church School on Wednesday or Sunday
        *Be a leader for Junior High activities
        *Join a Food, Faith, Family Serving Group
        *Lead games for kids on Wednesday night
        *Join Praise Band (musicians and singers)
        *Greet, read, usher, run powerpoint, or serve Communion at Worship services
        *Serve at annual church events, such as the Lutefisk Dinner or fundraisers for youth trips

Youth Ministry Team
A group of committed adults and one youth meets monthly to provide feedback on and guidance with youth ministry programs at Zion. These leaders serve as advocates for our youth. Caring adults are always invited to attend a meeting or join the team.