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Our Confirmation program focuses on learning, service, and relationships to incite the following goals:
  • Youth will recognize the relevance of faith and its application to daily living.
  • Youth will study an overview of the Bible and the basics of Lutheran beliefs.
  • Youth will develop supportive relationships with peers, guides, staff, and members of the congregation.

During the school year, 6th-8th Graders meet for Confirmation class or Youth Group on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.

9th Graders meet for Confirmation class a few Sundays in the fall and a few Sundays in the spring. 9th Graders will also have a Communion and Baptism retreat on Thursday, October 16th that leads into the Western ND LYO Synod Gathering (Thursday afternoon through noon Saturday, October 18th). In addition, 9th Graders take on an adult presence in the congregation by choosing to participate in worship roles or other service opportunities (see "Faith in Action" file below).

During their 10th Grade year, students meet once a month with a chosen mentor to talk about how their natural gifts fit into a faith community.  In the Fall of 11th Grade, students write their Faith Statement and they will affirm their baptism on Confirmation Sunday.

For more information on Confirmation, please contact Chris Torgeson, Education Director or McAyla Hegre, Youth Director