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Children's Ministries and Church School

Nursery Ministry

     Our Nursery Care Ministry is for the youngest of our church family. The nursery is staffed for both Sunday worship services as well as anytime there is faith formation/educational opportunities happening (Church School Sessions, Confirmation, etc). Our nursery staff is ready to play with and care for your young children. We invite parents to utilize our nursery. This will give you the opportunity to engage in other activities happening here at Zion including adult faith formation groups, serving in the church school or confirmation ministries. 

Rotation Church School Opportunities

     Church School is a growing and thriving ministry here at Zion. We have three church school sessions available: Sunday morning at 9:45 and Wednesdays at either 4:30 or 7:00 p.m. Classes are held throughout the school year.

     Here at Zion, we use the Workshop Rotation Model for Church School.  In a nutshell, the Workshop Rotation Model teaches major Bible stories and concepts through kid-friendly multimedia workshops: Art, Drama, Music, Games, A-V, Puppets, Storytelling and any other educational media we can get our hands on.  We teach the same Bible story in all of the workshops for four to five weeks, rotating the kids to a different workshop each week. And here comes the extremely teacher friendly part: We keep the same teacher in each workshop for all five weeks teaching the same lesson week after week (with some age appropriate adjustments) to each new class coming in. After five weeks, all groups will have rotated through each workshop.

     The kids are guided throughout the year by shepherds, who take attendance, help manage the kids and assist the workshop leaders if necessary. Each group has the same one or two shepherds throughout the year.

     For more information on the Workshop Rotation Model, please visit  Please consider volunteering to be a workshop leader, which is a short commitment of 4 or 5 weeks, or a church school shepherd who commits for the entire school year. To volunteer or find out more information about Church School at Zion, please contact Education Director Chris Torgeson.

     To learn more, see the Church School Handbook attached below.



     For this upcoming year, there will be no charge for Church School.  
     Instead, through your regular giving, you are supporting the ministries of Zion including Children's Ministries, Worship, Outreach, Family, Youth, etc. 
     We encourage giving with generous and grateful hearts knowing your gifts throughout the year support and encourage all of us to BE the church together.

Kids' Play
Join us Every Monday & Thursdays throughout the school year from 10:00-11:30 a.m. as adults (parents/grandparents) who care for 0-4 year old children come together for fellowship, fun and conversation.

     Kids' Play is also offered every TUESDAY from 10:00-11:30 a.m.  during the Summer months. During the summer months we have themed weeks including Beach Week, It's All About Fishing, Construction Time, Bugs Everywhere and much more.

     Zion provides a space with toys for your child to play with other children as well as a place for you to enjoy fellowship with other adults.  Come enjoy some coffee, a few snacks for the kiddos, and some great conversation.
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