Church Council
The Zion Church Council consists of the pastors and 16 members of the congregation, one of which is a high school student. Council members are elected at the annual meeting to serve three (3) year terms, with the exception of the youth position which is a one (1) year term. 

Current elected members of the Zion Church Council are:

Linda Christianson – President (2017)
Tim Gates – Vice President (2018)
Robin Andes – Treasurer (2017)
Mark Roth – Secretary (2017)

Sonja Hernes (2017)
LaRae Templeton (2017)
Terry Hjelmstad (2018)
Ian Thompson (2018)
Doug Tiedman (2018)
Mary Zurcher (2018)
Sally Butgereit (2019)
Cassidy Hjelmstad (2019)
Heather Kippen (2019)
Tim Rietveld (2019)
Heidi Roberts (2019)

Hannah Heisler – Youth (2017)