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Pastor Nathan's Sabbatical

"Life and Faith are Better Spent with Family and Friends"

In the fall of 2013 a team of Zion members began preparing a proposal for a Lily Clergy Renewal Grant.  One year later we received word that we had received the grant.  This grant provides the congregation with funds for renewal activities and pastoral coverage for when Pastor Nathan is away, and it provides Pastor Nathan with funds for his leave time. Below you will find a summary of our proposal:

"Life and Faith are Better Spent with Family and Friends"

This renewal program proposal grows out of the belief that “Life and Faith are Better Spent with Family and Friends.”  The purpose of the renewal program is twofold:  1) Provide Pastor Nathan with a sabbatical leave time away from the congregation nurturing his relationships with his own family and friends.  2) Allow Pastor Nathan the opportunity to reflect and explore what Zion can learn from how other congregations nurture relationships.

Interest in this topic has grown out of Pastor Nathan’s involvement with the Zion LIFE Groups and seeing the great value of spending time with family and friends, including our faith family at church.  Pastor Nathan will engage in a year-long coaching relationship with a North Coast Training coach (this is the education wing of North Coast Church, whose model we adapted to create Zion LIFE Groups), to help develop other opportunities for the people of Zion to experience life and faith together.

A major component of this renewal program is Pastor Nathan’s sabbatical leave time (June 1-August 31, 2015), during which he celebrates and further explores the idea that life and faith are better spent with family and friends.  He plans to take his family on the A Great American Road Trip.  On this road trip they will visit thirteen states, plus Mexico and Canada, and travel over 7,200 miles.  They will spend significant time visiting family and friends, while taking time to have intentional conversations with clergy friends they visit about how their own congregations experience life and faith together.

Following the sabbatical Pastor Nathan will provide Zion with two reports: a 7-10 page report on his experience and a summarized one page report to be printed in the newsletter.

Pastor Nathan will be sharing weekly updates on the Road Trip via a travel blog hosted by the site TravelPod.  You're invited to follow this blog to see what he and the family are up to this summer.

Below is a picture with an outline of the Mugaas Families travel plans; starting in Minot, then heading to Fargo, south and west all the way to Arizona, over to California, then up the west coast, and back to Minot via Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.