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Memorial & Trust Funds

The Zion Trust Fund Committee is comprised of 15 elected members who supervise Zion's memorial and endowment funds.

Memorial Funds

Gifts donated to Zion Lutheran Church as memorials are very much appreciated. These funds are used to assist with ongoing expenses within our church’s mission. Memorial funds differ from endowment funds in that the donation and any growth through investment can be spent.  

Gifts are deposited into one of the following Memorial funds as designated by the giver. If no designation is made, gifts are deposited into the General Memorial Fund.


Global Missions

Organ Fund


Building Fund





Music - General

Prayer Shawl

Trust Fund


Music - Equipment



Yellow giving envelopes are available at the church to use for memorial gifts. Donations may be put in the offering plate, dropped off at the church office, or mailed to Zion.

Endowment Funds

Want to make a long-term investment in Zion’s ministry?  If so, a contribution to one of our endowment funds may be just the ticket!

Endowment funds differ from regular memorials in that only the growth from the original donation can be spent, leaving the principal contribution in place to ensure long-term sustainability of our ministry.  Requests for funding are managed by the Trust Committee on an ongoing basis to assist in growing our mission.

Zion has two endowment funds as explained below. To make a contribution to either of these endowment funds please contact Gwen in the church office or designate which fund on your check and you will be contacted if further documentation is needed.

  1. The Zion Perpetual Fund is an endowment that doesn’t require a minimum contribution and provides long-term benefit to our mission through its growth in the investment market. Donations are tax deductible in the calendar year they are donated.
  2. The Zion ND Tax Credit Fund is our newest fund, established in 2014 following North Dakota legislation allowing a 40% ND Tax credit* on qualified gifts that was passed in 2011. Contributions are also federally tax deductible, based on the taxpayer’s situation.  A qualified gift is a minimum of $5,000 in a calendar year. These tax incentives may cover a significant portion of the donation. (*Please consult your tax consultant for advice specific to your situation.)
    • Click HERE for more information on Zion's ND Tax Credit Fund
    • Click HERE for a Gift Agreement for Zion's ND Tax Credit Fund

Recent disbursements from Zion’s endowment funds have been used to purchase the security camera system, fund the Buildings and Property Committee’s tree removal project, sponsor a Zion member’s Eagle Scout project to clean up and fence Trinity Cemetery north of Minot, as well as paying down the building mortgage a few years ago.